Former minister of works and housing, Babatunde Fashola says the Japa syndrome is not an indicator the country is backward or unproductive but a testament of the influence of technology and internet on global activities including the desire to connect with other parts of the world.


Fashola said this in a session with journalists, arguing that the world has changed drastically with the younger population more interested in exploration and adventure, while stating that Nigerians must learn to also amplify the good things in the country rather than projecting failure at all times



The former Lagos state Governor also submitted that Nigerians must separate government from country to attract the change they so much desire, according to him, government will come and go but the country is a permanent entity whose image must not be compromised


He however advised politicians and public servants to prioritise the welfare of people and embark on projects and programs that will secure their legacy and earn them good memories in the heart of the people.

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