The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Lagos has confirmed it will proceed with protests, according to state chairperson, Agnes Sessi.

Speaking to VeonewsNG, Sessi said, ‘We would gather under the bridge in Ikeja as early as 6:30am to protest against the rising cost of food, transportation and general cost of living.

“The police would be there to protect us but we would not be frightened to stop the protest.”

Nigeria’s cost-of-living crisis worsened since independence in 1960. Bread cost just 1 Naira in the 1990s, 15 Naira in early 2000s, and now sells for 250-300 Naira.

Cement prices have also surged, from 5,600 Naira per bag in January 2023 to 12,000 Naira in February 2024.

In their album “These Buhari Times,” Rap group Show Dem Camp expressed frustration that flight costs to the US could only get them to Ghana back in 2019. Five years later, they refuse to release a new album about the economy under President Bola Tinubu.

These have been worsened by President Tinubu’s removal of fuel subsidies – which has impacted living costs significantly.

Given this, Nigeria Labour Congress President Joe Ajaero issued a 14-day ultimatum for the government to fulfill terms of an October 2023 MOU and tackle the cost-of-living crisis, or face protests.

While some Nigerians declined comment when contacted by Adamimogo FM, others urged NLC to give the Tinubu administration more time. One supporter backed protests, arguing that even the middle class is struggling. An indifferent fuel seller named Audu felt protests might not spur government action.

The NLC Lagos chairperson has confirmed workers will proceed with protests. Though Tinubu warned of initial pain before gain, Nigerians are running out of patience for visible impact, especially on food and transport expenses.

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