U.S. President Joe Biden says Israel has agreed to halt its Gaza attacks for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, adding that he hoped a temporary ceasefire will take hold next week as Hamas reviewed a truce deal that includes a prisoner-hostage swap.



Biden, who is running for re-election, told newsmen there was an agreement in principle for a ceasefire between the two sides while hostages were released, adding that he hoped to have a ceasefire in the conflict by the following Monday.


Earlier, Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Nethanyahu confirmed negotiations for a ceasefire but expressed pessimism at the success of a deal where hostages a released, all Israeli defense forces withdraw its troops from Gaza and an agreement would be reached on an end to the war.



The proposal is the most serious attempt in weeks to halt the fighting, and comes ahead of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, expected to begin on the evening of March 10th.


February 27, 2024

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