Nigerian Correctional Service in Jos, has confirmed use of tear gas canisters to disperse unruly inmates, protesting plans to reduce their food ration.


According to reports, the contractor in charge of food supply had complained about the high cost of food items, noting that the food portion will be adjusted from four times to twice in a week and will be substituted by either grains or garri.


The Controller of Corrections Plateau State Command, Raphael Ibinuhi, stated the news sparked violent reaction from the inmates, forcing authorities to fire tear gas canisters and gunshots into the air to bring the situation under control.


The Jos Custodial Centre has 1,064 inmates comprising 1,035 males and 19 females, with 647 males and 14 females awaiting trial, while 205 males and four females have been convicted inmates and 131 inmates on death roll.

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