French presidency has confirmed a bilateral agreement on security commitments with Ukraine will sign this Friday.


In a statement by the French presidency, the security deal is to reaffirm France’s determination to continue to provide, in the long-term and with all of its partners, unwavering support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, as Russia’s war of aggression enters its third year.


Macron’s office said details of the agreement would be given during a press conference, and the accord would outline the framework for long-term humanitarian and financial aid, support for reconstruction and military assistance.


President Emmanuel Macron was expected to finalize the security deal in Ukraine this month, but he postponed the trip for security reasons and is likely instead to make public announcements.


As Kyiv seeks NATO membership and fights a two-year-old Russian invasion, diplomats had said that Zelenskiy would conclude bilateral security assurances with France and Germany this week after beginning talks in July.

February 15, 2024

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