The federal government has stated that the challenges facing the power sector is beyond generation and distribution, explaining that a lot has to be done to efficiently increase the power capacity of the nation.


Minister of power, Adebayo Adelabu speaking at the south east launch of the light up Nigeria project, Enugu, noted that Nigeria has been stuck with 3,000 to 4,000 megawatts of power generation because of bottleneck and corrupt practices in the sector.


Adelabu who decried the stiff resistance encountered in some part of the country in the process of establishing sub-stations, laying cables and erecting powerlines, appealed for right of way from state governments to allow the sector thrive without undue interference.


On his part, Anambra state governor, Charles Soludo lauded lawmakers for moving electricity from exclusive list to concurrent, appealing for such move for gas, to unbundle the bottle necks, allowing gas and power, the freedom to marshal a viable power sector in Nigeria.


According to Soludo, the solution of the power sector in Nigeria is not hidden, but government at all levels must employ their will power in implementing useful policies without hesitation.


February 26, 2024

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