The Federal Government has appealed for patience as it works to deliver long-term solutions to mitigate the effects of fuel subsidy removal, particularly through its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Initiative.


In response to public concerns, PCNGi’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Oluwagbemi who featured on Adamimogo FM’s Magazine show, Reflections, emphasized that proper planning is crucial for the success of long-term projects in the gas and energy industry.



Highlighting the Initiative’s plans, he offered assurances that over 30,000 conversion kits would arrive in Nigeria by May-June as part of the goal to accelerate the adoption of affordable CNG vehicles.


Oluwagbemi urged Nigerians to remain patient and supportive, noting that the shift to gas will ease economic pressures substantially in the coming years through cheaper fuel and transport costs.


February 17, 2024

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