Ceasefire talks between Hamas and mediators broke up on Tuesday in Cairo with no breakthrough, just days before for the start of Ramadan.


According to reports, the militant group had presented its proposal for a ceasefire agreement to the mediators during two days of talks, and was now waiting for a response from the Israelis, who stayed away from this round.


Israel was staying away because Hamas had rejected its demand to furnish a list of all hostages who are still alive, claiming such request was impossible without a ceasefire first.


The Cairo talks had been billed as a final hurdle to reach the war’s first extended ceasefire, a 40-day truce during which dozens of hostages would be freed and aid would be pumped into Gaza to stave off a manmade famine, ahead of Ramadan.


Egyptian security sources said on Monday they were still in touch with the Israelis to allow the negotiations to continue without an Israeli delegation present.

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