The candidate of the Action democratic congress ADC, in 2023 Lagos state governorship election, Funsho Doherty says past record of President Tinubu’s actions and policies as Governor of Lagos and his current moves as President has not inspired expected hope of renewal as promised.



Doherty said this while featuring on The Follow-up a current on Adamimogo FM, submitting that Tinubu’s administraton has displayed weak planning before implementation of policies, plunging the citizenry into more economic hardships.


He further stressed that president Tinubu’s choice of cabinet members does not inspire confidence nor reflect the capabilities necessary to drive effective economic turnaround desperately need in the nation.



The politician also faulted the Lagos state government for lack of prudence and transparency in dispensing and utilizing public funds, noting that citizens must hold public office holders to ransom for democracy to be potent.

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