The U.S has confirmed a fourth round of strikes on Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen, targeting some 14 Houthi missiles, which the us says may have been intended for attacks on shipping in the red sea.


Pentagon press secretary, major general Pat Ryder, noted that the attack was precise and successful, and amplifies U.S determination to sustain assaults against terrorists and enemies of the state and its allies.


Earlier, u.s national security advisor Jake Sullivan said the move, which reversed a decision to remove the designation in the early days of the Biden administration, was in response to the militants’ ongoing attacks on commercial shipping in the region.


The Houthis began attacking merchant vessels in November, saying they were responding to Israel’s military operation in Gaza.

Since then, the group has launched dozens of attacks on commercial tankers passing through the red sea, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.


In response, the us and UK launched a wave of air strikes against dozens of Houthi targets on 11 January.

The strikes – supported by Australia, Bahrain, the Netherlands and Canada – began after Houthi forces ignored an ultimatum to cease their attacks in the region.

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