The United States says it intends to launch further strikes at Iran-backed groups in the Middle East, after hitting Tehran-aligned factions in Iraq, Syria and Yemen over the last two days.


White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan noted that the strikes and additional action, is aimed at sending a clear message that the United States will respond when its forces are attacked, and its people killed.


The United States and Britain unleashed attacks against 36 Houthi targets in Yemen, a day after the U.S. military hit Tehran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for a deadly attack on U.S. troops in Jordan.


The strikes are the latest blows in a conflict that has spread into the Middle East since October 7, when the Iran-backed Palestinian militant group Hamas stormed Israel from the Gaza Strip, igniting war.


The Biden administration’s diplomatic efforts to stem the fallout from the war also continued with top diplomat Antony Blinken departing for the region for consultations and discussions.


Although Iran has denied links to the attack but its affiliates, the Islamic resistance has claimed responsibility.


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