Planter of the Christ Apostolic Church, Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain, Prophet Sam Olu Alo has appealed to the Muslim Community in Kwara state to tow the path of peace by ensuring the release of a popular blogger and traditionalist, Tani Olohun.

Recall that Tani Olohun, whose real name is, Adegbola Abdulazeez was recently arrested by the police and later remanded by an Ilorin Magistrate court over alleged defamation and blasphemy.

He was dragged to court on a five-count charge of alleged criminal conspiracy, insulting, contempt of religious creed, criminal defamation, and inciting disturbance.

A police Police First Information Report (FIR), the accused, a resident of Malete, Ibadan, in July 2023, posted a video on YouTube wherein he “blasphemed Islam, burnt the Qur’an and defamed some Islamic scholars in Ilorin” including the Chief Imam of Offa, Alhaji Muhideen Salman.

Reacting to the development in a clip posted on his Facebook page, Prophet Olu-Alo popularly called Baba Adamimogo, appealed to the Islamic Clerics in Ilorin and across the South West to forgive the actions of Tani Olohun and ensure his release.

Speaking in Yoruba, he said, “I beg Muslims in the name of Allah, in the spirit of the five daily prayers and annual hajj pilgrimage that defines their religion to forgive Tani Olohun, allow his release and drop the case.

” We all speak Yoruba in Ilorin and the rest of the South West and if truly we all claim to serve one God through various means, then, we must show forgiveness. I am sure even the young man (Tani Olohun is in a remorseful mood and I ask for his release, ” Olu-Alo said.

Prophet Olu-Alo also warned government and religious leaders that the altercation between traditionalists and Muslims in Ilorin, Kwara State, if not well managed, may snowball into a major crisis in the country.

He said,”If government and religious leaders do not take action to manage this conflict between traditionalists and Muslims, it may not lead to crisis now, but it may set the foundation for major religious crisis in the future and we must be wary of that.

“Some may wonder why I’m making a case for Tani Olorun’s release, his real name suggest that he was a Muslim. Hence, now should be a period to redeem him with love through actions. Also, we must not be oblivious of the fact that in Israel, which we consider the home for all Christians, there are idol Worshippers there, including India and the likes,” the Cleric explained.

He rounded off his appeal with a call and a prayer for all religions to ensure that peace reigns in Nigeria.


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