L-R: Former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, President Bola Tinubu, Babatunde Raji-Fashola


The Lagos State Government has made it clear that repealing the pension law for former Governors and Deputies of the state is not a priority, despite recent praise heaped on Governor Alex Otti of Abia for signing a bill to abolish such pensions in his state.

The move by Otti has prompted discontent among Nigerians towards states like Lagos, where pension payments for former governors and their deputies remain law, even as former Governor Bola Tinubu has become the President, and his successor, Babatunde Raji-Fashola, served as a Minister.

The Lagos pension law, instituted by President Tinubu in 2007 during the  twilight of his tenure as Governor, initially entitled former Governors and Deputies to various benefits, including houses in Lagos and Abuja, six new cars every three years, 100 percent of the incumbent governor’s basic salary, free healthcare, furniture, house maintenance, utility, car maintenance, and entertainment allowances running into millions per annum, as well as a personal assistant and security personnel.

Although lawmakers slashed these pensions by 50 percent in 2021, it remains unclear how much of these benefits President Tinubu and his successors have enjoyed so far, despite Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu initially promising to repeal the law.

When contacted by Adamimogo FM, Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotosho, stated that repealing the pension law for Governors and Deputies was not a priority for the state.

“If Alex Otti does something in his state, does that make it a law that everybody must do in his own state? You see, every state has its own style. Every state is independent. I mean, if Abia does something, doesn’t mean that Lagos has to follow suit. I mean, everybody has his own priorities. If that is their own priority, that’s fine. That doesn’t mean Lagos has to follow,” Omotosho said.

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