A Lagos State High Court sitting in Ikeja has convicted and sentenced a man, Dennis Okubiat, to 20 years’ imprisonment for raping a 12-year-old girl for three months, which caused urinary incontinence.


Justice Ismail Ijelu held that the victim had testified that her church pastor had directed that they visit members who are absent, which prompted her to visit Okubiat who was an elder in their church, who offered her Garri and groundnut, and she slept off.


According to her, she woke up beside Okubiat, who threatened to kill her if she tells anyone, when she noticed a white substance coming from her private part.


“He did it several times for three months, and on September 6, 2021, he came to my house and said we should do it; I said I don’t know what you have been doing to me, so he started shouting and calling me to come and do it; that was how our neighbours heard and caught him.


“After he raped me, whenever I sit down, my private part is always itching me, and it makes me look like a mad girl in the street. When I wake up in the morning, I’m always wet, but during the day, I can control myself.


“This never happened to me before Okubiat raped me; I always woke up by myself at night to urinate, but after the rape, I’m not able to control myself, especially at night,” the victim had testified.


Justice Ijelu also stated that Okubiat did not deny the testimony of the victim, nor did he challenge it, affirming that he knew she was a 12-year-old child.


The judge stated that the offences committed by Okubiat was premeditated, the victim was vulnerable, and he took advantage of her.

“The court finds that the act of the convict harmed the victim as it has caused her extreme psychological impact and social impact,” the judge said.

“Okubiat is hereby sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment, to run from the day he was arrested and remanded,”



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