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Following Wednesday’s heavy downpour, the Lagos State government has issued a plea for calm in the wake of widespread flash floods that grounded activities across the state.

Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, addressed concerns via social media, noting elevated water levels in the Lagos Lagoon triggering floods in areas like Iyana-Oworo, adjacent to the Third Mainland Bridge.

Wahab assured residents that floodwaters would recede once the rains subside and the lagoon level decreases.

He noted that Lagos is a coastal city with almost one-third of its landmass underwater, necessitating a genuine reason for every resident to be more responsive to the state of the environment.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has deployed the Emergency Flood Abatement Gang to clear blockages in major flood-prone areas, including Iyana-Oworo.

While calling on residents in low-lying areas to relocate to higher grounds to protect lives and property, Wahab advised against driving through flooded areas, as even a foot of water can sweep away vehicles.

The deluge, which began early in the morning, inundated many parts of Lagos, severely hampering commuting for residents.

Roads became nearly impassable, causing extensive gridlock from Iyana-Oworo to the Third Mainland Bridge and Oshodi.

Stranded commuters faced challenges reaching their destinations, with submerged vehicles at various bus stops compounding the difficulties.

In another incident exacerbated by the heavy rain, a fallen tree at Airport U-Turn in Oshodi required clearance by Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) personnel to restore traffic flow and ensure public safety.

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