The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter, and Bishop of the Methodist Church Ikeja Diocese, Stephen Adegbite, has defended the government’s continued sponsorship of pilgrimages, stating that prayers offered at holy sites in Jerusalem and Mecca are among the things sustaining Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview with Adamimogo 93.1FM, Lagos, Bishop Adegbite argued that the spiritual significance of these pilgrimages should not be underestimated.

“When people go to Israel and Mecca, they’re going to pray for the unity and greatness of this nation, not curse it which was what President Tinubu told Clerics at Iftar, few days ago”, Bishop Adegbite said. “There is no doubt that it is prayer that is sustaining us in this country and nothing more.”

Days after some media outlets alleged that the Federal Government and States were planning to cough out as much as 90 billion naira to subsidise pilgrimage fares, the clerics insisted that the spiritual dividends reaped from these pilgrimages outweigh the financial considerations.

He however added that only a small percentage of pilgrims had their trips sponsored or subsidised as most of them were self-sponsored.

Bishop Adegbite expressed strong faith in President Bola Tinubu’s administration to address the myriad challenges facing the nation within this period.

“Within three years, we will see the difference in governance, I have no doubts that the current administration is focused and will do well by the grace of God.


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