The labor party says the supreme court has a duty to adjudicate the matter of certificate forgery and set a precedence that will address such situations in the future, to save Nigeria’s democracy from falling into the abyss.

In a televised interview, the spokesperson of the party, Kenneth Okonkwo argued that the whole world is waiting for the judiciary to set the record straight and use the instrumentality of the law to rescue the nation from the jaws of corruption.

According to him, calls of unity by the Peoples democratic party and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar is foul and unbelievable, describing it as a ploy to subtly snatch power for himself and not to represent the interest of truth and justice.

Recall that Atiku and his team of lawyers, continue to allege that the documents submitted to the independent electoral commission INEC by President Tinubu were forged.

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