Justice Semiu Kuteyi of the Ondo State High Court, Olokuta, has dismissed the charge of rape brought against a cleric and popular broadcaster, Gbenga Filani.

Filani, known for hosting the widely followed programme ‘OWUYE,’ was in 2021 accused of raping a 19-year-old woman who was five months pregnant at the time of the alleged incident.

The official charge stated, “That you, Gbenga Filani, on December 8, 2021, around 3:43 pm at the Celestial Church of Christ, Deliverance Parish, No 1, Owuye Close, Fabunmi Avenue, Oda Road, Akure, in the Akure Magisterial District, did unlawfully have carnal knowledge of a 19-year-old woman without her consent, under the pretext of spiritual healing, thereby committing an offence contrary to Section 357 and punishable under Section 358 of the Criminal Code Cap. 37, Vol. 1, Laws of Ondo State of Nigeria, 2006.”

Additionally, Filani was charged with indecent assault, “That you, Gbenga Filani, on the same date, time, and place, in the aforementioned magisterial district, did unlawfully and indecently assault her by touching her private parts against her will, thereby committing an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 360 of the Criminal Code Cap. 37, Vol. 1, Laws of Ondo State of Nigeria, 2006.”

Pst. Gbenga Filani and his Lawyers

However, Filani’s defence counsel, Mr. Adelanke Akinrata, filed a motion seeking his discharge and acquittal, arguing that there was insufficient evidence to link Filani to the alleged crimes.

After considering the arguments presented by both the prosecution and the defence, Justice Kuteyi agreed with the defence and ruled that the evidence provided was not substantial enough to support the charges against Filani.

Consequently, the court dismissed the charges and discharged Filani.

Filani, who has maintained his innocence throughout the legal proceedings, expressed relief at the verdict and expressed gratitude to God for vindicating him.


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