United States President, Joe Biden Will Visit Israel Tomorrow in Preparation for An Escalation of The Military Campaign Against Hamas, Which Has Sparked a Humanitarian Emergency in The Gaza Strip.

In A Statement, U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken Said Biden’s Visit Will Demonstrate Washington’s Unwavering Support for Israel’s Security and To Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of The War Objectives and Strategy.

President Biden Has Repeatedly Stated That Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself Against Attacks from Hamas, Which He Described as A Terror Group.

Earlier, IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari Said Biden’s Visit Holds Significance for Relations in The Entire Middle East.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Ami-Rab-Dol-Lahian Said Israel Would Not Be Allowed to Act in Gaza Without Consequences, Warning of Preemptive Action by the Resistance Front In the Coming Hours.

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