The trade union congress of Nigeria says it will continue to press for the freedom and liberty of its members, in the face intimidation and external forces trying to overrule the union.

In a statement by the president of the union, Festus Osifo, the actions of Lagos government against the road transport employers’ association of Nigeria (RTEAN) promotes lawlessness and anarchy, stating that the union will continue to abide by the law.

According to Osifo, the government has promised to deescalate the situation within stipulated time, expressing hope that the union will have no need to return to the streets.

Earlier, Lagos state government had warned the union against the protest, stating that an appeal against the national industrial court judgment in favour of RTEAN has been filed and it has obtained a pending application for a stay of execution of the said judgment.

However, in a response by the union, the alleged stay of execution was only a notice of application by the misinterpreted by the government.



The union is protesting the allege takeover of motor parks from the road transport employers’ association of Nigeria (RTEAN) in the state.

September 25, 2023

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