Israel has drafted a record 300,000 reservists in its response to a multi-front Hamas attack from Gaza and is going on the offensive.

Israel the chief military spokesperson Rear-Admiral Daniel Hagari in a statement today said control of those communities had been re-established but that isolated clashes continued as some gunmen remained active.

Hagari said 300,000 reservists have been called up by the military since Saturday, a number suggesting preparations for a possible invasion – though any such plans have not been officially confirmed.

Meanwhile, United nations ambassador to Palestine, Riyad Mansour says Israel’s strategy to contain the Hamaz has failed, exploding into a silent attack, while calling for caution as the dispute continues to escalate with numbers of hostages and death toll increasing.

Israel military has confirmed media reports that 700 people had been killed on Israel’s side of the border, including 73 confirmed members of the security forces.





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