A fresh graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University’s Department of Quantity Surveying, Ifunanya Miracle, aka Bliss has died while attempting to escape a yet-to-be-identified prankster’s robbery on the premises of the school in the Awka area of Anambra State.

Her friend, Peace, from the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, was injured and is receiving treatment at the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital.

Ifunanya, who ran a Point-of-Sale business on campus, had closed her business on June 9, 2024, and boarded a tricycle with Peace.

A passenger allegedly tried to rob them, leading the two students to jump out of the moving vehicle. It was gathered that while Peace sustained injuries, Miracle was unlucky as she hit her head on the ground during the attempt to escape the operation.

Witnesses report that the assailant later claimed it was a prank and has reportedly surrendered to the police.

The university’s spokesperson, Dr. Emmanuel Ojukwu, confirmed the incident and stated that the prankster, a final-year student, will face disciplinary action after Ifunanya’s burial.

He said, “The university is fully aware of the incident. It was not a robbery but a very expensive prank. The students were told to bring their phones but they didn’t know it was a prank. So, they jumped, one died and one survived.

“The families of the victims and that of the final-year student who pranked the victims have held a meeting with us and it was established that it was a prank. “The families have reached some agreement and we want the process of the burial to take place before the student that pranked them will face disciplinary measures.

“It was an unfortunate incident; the school regrets it, the student who pranked them regrets it and the family of the concerned student will take responsibility for the funeral of the dead victim and the hospital bill of the other student. We use this opportunity to warn students to avoid expensive pranks that lead to death, the person will face the music.”

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