Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has proposed a review of the system of government in Nigeria, saying that the current form of democracy practised in the country is a betrayal of the reality of the people, culture, believe system and heritage.


Obasanjo speaking at a high-level consultation on Rethinking Western Liberal Democracy for Africa, argued that the current form of governance obtainable in many African nation was inherited and does not suit the region, faulting regional leaders for failing to learn from history by establishing a suitable system of government for the African people.


According to him, the concept of Western Liberal Democracy is a failed system now subject to questions and reviews by the originators, insisting that a change in approach is long overdue.


The former president however called on leaders in the region to understand the peculiarity of their individual nations, their history and heritage to formulate a suitable government.




November 20, 2023

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