Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer, Damini Ogulu, otherwise called Burna Boy has laughed off speculations that his networth is 22 million dollars.

Appearing on a podcast, Burna Boy said he did not want to talk about it and refused to indicate if he was worth much more or less.

“A quick Google says that your net worth is $22 million. Is that accurate?” the interviewer quizzed.

Chuckling, Burna replied: “Let’s not talk about that one.”

“Well, I prefer them to think that. That’s cool”, he added, suggesting the speculation was erroneous.

The interviewer probed further, asking: “Are they way off?”

Speaking about his album due for release tomorrow, Burna Boy said the title, I told them, was inspired by one of his tweets which indicated that he had tweeted about all that he is currently achieving.

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